We are an agency specialising in debt collection.

We participate in all debt management, risk assessment and risk insurance processes.

What do we actually do?

Big debts present a liquidity burden and jeopardize regular company activities.

We process over 500,000 cases a year, with a total debt volume of more than HRK 500,000,000,00. We have over 50% efficiency by total debt amount, and more than 60% by the number of cases collected. Prima Solvent has more than 50,000 open cases at all times.

How can we help you

Debt Collection

We participate in all the processes related to the out-of-court debt collection

Credit Insurance

Choose the best suited credit insurance option for your company

Company Creditworthiness and Value Assessment

We offer the information that can help you boost your business operations and maximise profit.

We are available for all your questions, feel free to contact us.

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